sunnuntai 30. elokuuta 2015

Suurmielenosoitus 22082015 Joukkovoima: ei leikkauksia

Great rally (demo, demonstration) against cutting money our  future: education, elderly people´s rent, pensioners, refugees, un-employeed, handicapped people, disabled, children, minimium wages, unions, health care - all. Why the millionare is cutting money from poor people of Finland? Why nazis are still in parliament? Why goverment first lies, then cuts? Activist from enviroment, feminist movement, global solidarity, human rights - to all. New government is against all who are poor, old, child, trying to learn and grove, and wants cuts money from them who already are in too tight space. Pardoon my french - like Joakim Pirinen said yesterday IRONICALLY while was actually speaking french - or my english. I totally dont have time to search these accurate words in egnlish. This fascist reign was not what i woted. I woted different.