sunnuntai 21. tammikuuta 2018

Black and white, Stockholm

Jatkan värikästä ja mustavalkoista matkaani 11.1.2018 . Mustavalkoiset kuvat, kauhuromanttiset matkat, Stockholm, black and white photography, travel photos, gothic, gothic travels, Jatkan mustavalkoista matkaani. Satu Ylavaara Photography 2018, Skeppsbron:

Ecological travel with vegetarian food, no aeroplanes, no hollywood showers, no beer, no cars. And loving it ;) With books from library like My friend Dahmer, graphic graphic novel.

Satu Ylavaara Photography 2018

My trips are economical as well. This ferry tail and tale ;) and fairy

trip costed 10.-12.01:

 -  4€ (4$/£) in 2 nights on boat in own cabin with free wi-fi and television set. it is nice to watch finnish presidential election interviews and lots of culture, political programms of equality, news and weather in in swedish tv.
 - 12 € breakfast all you can eat: coffee, tea, juices, fruits, berries, bread ( buffet, noutopöytä ) on 11.01.
 - 8 € vegan baquette or sandwich with coffee 11.01. And maybe some things from Tax Free 2 soft drinks < 4€.
 - 7,50 € movie theater ticket Thor: Ragnarök, which i have seen earlier 3D or so, but I came from the land of ice and snow - like in immagrant song... So I had to see it. Again. And half cheaper than in finnish movie theaters ;)
 - 62 SEK ( < 7 €) I had swedish money. I bought seven graphic novels & comic books in 59 SEK (6 €).

So my budget was a trip of two nights tuesday - thursday was for eating 20 € for three days. Drinks 4 €. Money i spent in Stockholm 59 SEK or 6€, sometimes I don´t spent that much. Sometimes more while visiting museos and using tube, metro. 7,50 € movie theater ticket and 4 € of whole trip including own cabin, own toalet and shower. And free wi-fi and telly ;)